SUMBA in synergy with other projects


During the autumn period, Riga City Council Development Department actively participated in workshops and seminars with the aim to create synergy between various projects, oriented into mobility improvement, such as Interreg BSR cities.multimodal, cities&rail, Interreg BSR MARA.

Riga Energy Agency organised the seminar “Peer Review in Riga: Mobility Points & Mobility Management” in Riga on September 12-13, 2019. City Development Department was invited to present and organise the discussion “An insight into transport and mobility planning activities in Riga”. City Development Department in SUMBA project redeveloped the current decision-support approach. It will help to organise the commuter traffic between Riga and Riga region. However, the cities.multimodal project's aim is to develop the mobility point concept. The synergy between this project and data-driven helps to solve environmental problems in the city and the region. Mostly, the Commuting Master Plan (outcome of SUMBA) will provide the concept of the mobility point development in Riga City agglomeration.

photo: © RDPADphoto:© RDPAD

The delegation of Edmonton Municipality (Canada) and the North American Secretariat within IUC Program visited Riga Municipality on September 23-26, 2019. City Development Department presented Riga City's activities in transport planning and mobility. One of the main questions of interest was the mobility and SUMBA project issues. The representative of City Development Department described SUMBA project's aims and expected results.   

City Development Department presented “The challenges and opportunities of citizen mobility in Riga” in the seminars and workshops organised by project “Cities&Rail”, conducted in Tallinn on May 2-3, 2019 and in Riga on October 3-4, 2019 - how the solutions provided after the SUMBA project could be taken into account to solve commuting problems, using the rail network. Discussion conducted during and after the presentation helped to define the problems and challenges of the large infrastructure object preparation.  

photo: ©RDPADphoto:©RDPAD

SUMBA activities were presented at the regional level regarding the collaboration between Interreg BSR MARA project, and the Vidzemes planning region organised the seminar “The new mobility solutions: ideas, opportunities, challenges” on the 16th of October in Ligatne. The rural and small city mobility plays a crucial role in the state transport system. The representatives of City Development Department presented, how it is possible to solve the transport planning problems using the transport simulation opportunities, which will be provided during the SUMBA project. The theme of the presentation was “Provision of transport accessibility and planning of the passenger interchanges”.