Story map about mobility hub concept in Latvia


Within the SUMBA project, the concept of mobility hubs and the planned location in the project area in Latvia were developed.

In this interactive tool – ArcGIS story map everyone can easily get in touch with mobility hub concept, definitions, categories and visualizations.

 4 mobility hub categories are:

  • multimodal mobility hubs (international traffic hub, e.g. CENTRAL STATION «RIGA»,  Passenger port «RIGA», RIX airport);
  • regional transport mobility hub (based on the accessibility of the public transport - those living nearby and those who have come to the station with their private car/bike);
  • urban (city) mobility hub (In densely populated areas and/or areas with significant service intensity; proximity to public transport; location both in centers and on the city outskirts);
  • micro mobility hub (Size of 2-3 parking spaces; point-to-point in the center area or to reach the nearest public transport stop; passenger pick-up/drop-off point).

Although all examples are adapted to the Latvian situation, they are also adaptable outside the SUMBA project area. Material includes recommendations for sustainable mobility improvement and intermodality and aspects to be taken into account when developing mobility point infrastructure.