The New Modal - a new study in Harju County


A new study, commissioned by the Union of Harju County Municipalities, "Increasing the attractiveness of the network of special types of public transport stops and transfer nodes in Tallinn and Harju County and developing service standards" proposes a classification and standard solutions for public transport stops / transfer nodes suitable for the context of Harju County (incl. Tallinn).

Public transport stops play a central, but often unimportant, role in the public transport system. They are the business card of the public transport system - the place where every journey begins, ends or even continues. Stops are, among other things, places that should encourage the use of public transport and other sustainable modes of transport.

This study looks at the role of stops as a link between the two worlds from the perspective of both mobility services and the quality of public space. The focus of the study is on the user of the stops and user experience. The whole experience is important for the user - smooth, comfortable and safe movement from the door to the destination and back.

The study report, which was carried out by SPIN Unit and Demos Helsinki consists of six parts.The survey was conducted between August and November 2020.

The study was funded by SUMBA (Sustainable Urban Mobility and Commuting in the Baltic Cities).

You can download and read the study in Estonian here.