Ideal commute


The first day, back from vacation. I finish my cup of coffee, put on my helmet, grab my bag and step out the door.

It’s cloudy, but not raining, perfect cycling weather. I get on my bike and using the dedicated cycling path along the small park I reach the station after 7 minutes. Luckily, the city has invested into a large bike parking garage directly in front of the station.

I lock my bike, protected from wind and rain, and access the train platform from the tunnel that links the parking station directly with the platforms. After I have checked-in with my SuperEazy travel card, I look up - the display at the platform informs me that my train is two minutes delayed today. Never mind, I think while I open up my favourite online newspaper on my mobile. Thanks to free WiFi I do not even need to use my data volume.

With the announced two minutes delay, the train arrives. The travel app in my smart phone includes information how full each section of the train is, so I enter the train in the middle where there are lots of free seats left. As the trains comes with free WiFi as well, I continue to read this mornings news as the landscape is quietly passing by.

Shortly before arriving at the central station, I check the travel app in my smartphone about the next tram connection from the central station to my workplace. Luckily, I will have to wait for the next tram for only 3 minutes.

I exit the train and walk up the stairs to the tram platform which is just above the train platforms. The tram arrives, I enter and check-in with my SuperEazy travel card. After a swift and smooth ride I the tram arrives at my stop, which is one of these cool new multifunctional stops which includes a bike rental station and small shops.

I buy a fresh warm croissant at the bakery, pay with the SuperEazy travel card, walk to the bike rental and beep beep beep, beep beep beep… Where am I? Oh, was this ideal commute just a dream? The alarm clock continues: beep beep beep. I must have dreamt of the smoothest and most pleasant commute I can imagine… Unfortunately, most commutes are rather a nightmare than such a sweet dream. This is why we need projects such as SUMBA.

Let’s make such sweet dreams become the reality of tomorrow.