Household survey in Pinneberg


In the metropolitan Region of Hamburg, the District of Altona and the adjacent municipality Pinneberg are making a common effort to find out more about the commuting behaviour and the determining factors for the currently high modal share of cars in commuting.

In a household survey, which started in November 2019, inhabitants from Pinneberg will be asked about their commuting habits, their motivation and their perspective and ideas for improvements necessary so as for them to switch from car-based commuting to more environmentally friendly transport modes. The survey will mostly be online and will be promoted through specific pop-up ads on smartphones and computers from people living in Pinneberg and will also be promoted through media releases. Additionally, an on-site survey in two small cities within the municipality Pinneberg will be carried out during two days so as to also get a sample from commuters less affinity to digital devices.

This online survey will feed into the Commuter Master Plan that will be elaborated in the spring of 2020 and that will define specific measures how to better arrange the daily commute from Pinneberg to Hamburg.